Cat Behaviour

cat face

Cat behaviour is a specialist knowledge area which I am fortunate to have studied with some of the best in the field at COAPE.

Cats often find our modern lives difficult to fit in with and we sometimes see scratching, urine spraying or worse around our homes as a result.  Other worrying cat behaviours include eating inappropriate items, fighting and night time hyperactivity.

We can help you to understand and treat all of these things and get the harmony back into your feline family.

Behaviour consultations for cats always take place in the cat’s home (you realise it’s the cat’s home – you are just the staff!) and take around an hour and a half.  Usually just one consultation is enough to develop a treatment plan and then we can keep in touch by email or phone as the cat progresses.

Cat behaviour consultations cost £130 and include a written report to you and your vet and 3 months follow up support by phone and email.